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"Nug" Breakable Heart
Paola's Pastries and Desserts

"Nug" Breakable Heart

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Perfect for any person in your life, great birthday gift! This heart comes empty. Please bring items at pickup for us to place under the heart.

• One "Nug" Themed chocolate heart & Hammer
• Six "Nug" Chocolate covered strawberries
• Two "Blunt" pretzel rods
• Message of your choice

Allow 10-15 minutes to box up your order. I provide protection sleeves for money and other items to make sure that the chocolate heart does not get contaminated.

Recommendations: 4-5 small items
-50ml Alcoholic bottles (Limit 2)
-Cash/ Gift Card
-Concert Tickets
-Personal Letter
-Any small item(s)

ALLERGEN ALERT: Product contains milk, wheat, egg, nuts, and soy. We recommend that those with food related allergies take the necessary precautions.

Pickup Only

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